Neuro-Programmer 3.3

Collect and analyze data from brain wave scanners
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Transparent Corporation

Analyze data readings from medical scanners working with brain waves. Connect such devices as Procyon, Proteus, and Light & Sound Synergizer to your personal computer and view readings from the patient's brain. Activate entrainment to affect the waves.

Ever heard of software changing human personality, behavior and overall attitude towards life? Well, by changing human personality, I am not talking of becoming a computer game fanatic or an Internet addict. I am talking about changing or modifying more intrinsic aspects of human behavior, like increasing one's self-esteem, getting rid of unwanted human emotions and habits, getting over phobias, and the like. Neuro Programmer from Transparent Corporation claims to do just that. The program works by employing the principles of a practice known as brainwave entrainment or brainwave synchronization. In simple words, brainwave entrainment refers to how our brain reacts to external stimulus such as pulses of sound and light. When a sensory organ stimulates the brain, it reacts by emitting an electrical charge, and these brainwaves ultimately define what we see or what we hear. Neuro Programmer is comprised with a set of sessions, each one lasting for about 20 minutes. Each session comprises a number of tunes, some having background music in the midst. Each session is designed to program the thought patterns and behavior of the human mind, thereby bringing about a psychological change in the person. The full version of the program boasts of having more than 125 sessions. You can also generate your own custom-made sessions by customizing the background sounds, flashing colors and tone pitch with the session editor, to target specific areas of the brain. At first after installation, the program might appear a bit overwhelming, but becomes quite user friendly with gradual use. The program is very comprehensive with e-book-type detailed documentation included with the package. The forum section in their site is full of incredible testimonials and success stories of people who have benefited immensely by using this innovative product.

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  • Uses well researched and scientific methods and techniques
  • Over 125 pre-built sessions
  • Customizable sessions
  • Detailed documentation


  • Cost is too high
  • Needs a minimum of 256 MB of RAM to run
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